Thursday, October 11, 2007

Question Time Senate. 15th August, 2007.

The first thing I have to say about Question Time is that it is very entertaining. It is really funny to see grown men act like children and stutter and stumble over answers that they clearly haven’t thought about. The first question time I am going to report on was on the 15th August, 2007 and it was directed towards the treasurer with regards to the meltdown of the US sub-primal mortgage markets and the widening debt crisis in Australia. This question time referred specifically to the Australian home lenders Rams and Bluestone. Minister Sherry asked why the treasurer got the Australian financial institutions situations so wrong. This was after the treasurer had spoken about how strong a position Australian financial institutions were in. Senator Minchin replied in saying the treasurer didn’t get anything wrong which was received with plenty of amusement from the members of the senate. In this question time, Senator Minchin describes how Australia is in a very fortunate position and how the treasurer was right on the money when describing our situation in a favourable way. As with most question time sessions, there was a lot of finger pointing going on and the blame game was played out by both sides of the opposition very well.

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